Lemonade CBD Drink Powder by Savage CBD

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Savage CBD Lemonade Nano-Spectrum CBD Drink Mix 125mg

Savage CBD Infused Lemonade drink mix, a zesty freshly squeezed lemonade in powder form. Using Nano-Spectrum CBD they created delicious flavors for you to enjoy your CBD intake. Simply add one scoop to water to enjoy our Nano-Spectrum CBD.

Each container is 12 oz and contains a total of 24 drinks in 8-12 oz of water. Each scoop is 6.25mg of CBD.

Ingredients: Hemp-Derived Nano-Spectrum CBD, Sugar, Fructose, Citric Acid, Contains less than 2% of Maltodextrin, Sodium Acid, Pyrophosphate, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Natural Flavor, Artificial Color, Yellow 5 Lake, Soy Lecithin, Tocopherol.

Brand Description:

Savage CBD is one of the largest and goto brands in the CBD industry. There are many CBD Drink Powders on the market, but none of them quite stacked up to Savage CBD Drink Powder.  Savage CBD’s motto is full transparency, high-quality CBD products at a low cost to end-users – so everyone can enjoy CBD. Savage CBD keeps innovating to make sure they stay one step ahead of the competition in the CBD industry.

Full Description:

Savage CBD took a hard look at the CBD industry and saw where a lot of companies were falling short. It seems like everyone has a CBD Drink Powder but they seem to all be a one time use product.  Savage CBD wanted to create a CBD Drink Powder that was in a bigger size and three delicious flavors to choose from.  Savage CBD also wanted to make sure that we sourced the best possible water soluble CBD or Nano Spectrum CBD for ease of use, and great taste.  Each tub comes with a scoop inside to take the guessing part out of your daily routine. One scoop equals 6.25mg of CBD so now you can enjoy Savage CBD Drink Powder hassle free.


  • 12.0 Oz
  • 125mg
  • 6.25 mg per sccop



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