Could You Still Consume or Apply a CBD Product After its Expiration Date?

Posted by David Nadel on 10th Apr 2020

Could You Still Consume or Apply a CBD Product After its Expiration Date?

Sometimes, we just can’t finish up our CBD product before it expires. Naturally, a lot of hemp enthusiasts wonder if they are still able to safely and effectively enjoy their precious CBD after the product has passed the expiration date.

That’s why we will be discussing this topic at length so that you can determine whether or not you’re going to end up wasting money on expired hemp goods.

When Does CBD Expire?

A lot of those who are new to hemp are surprised to learn that CBD does expire. Generally, CBD oil is good for two years after it’s been produced. But, bear in mind that other ingredients in a CBD product’s formula can move that expiration date up further due to their own unique shelf life. Always check for the expiration date on a CBD product to know when it’s no longer considered good to use.

Is it Safe to Use CBD After it has Expired?

The question we get asked most in regard to expired CBD is whether or not it’s safe to use, either via consumption or application methods. To answer this, we must explain what actually happens to CBD once it has expired. Expired CBD has become oxidized, which means that enough oxygen has mixed in with the formula to break down the chemical compounds that we deem desirable. Expired CBD is not dangerous to consume in the way that moldy food in your refrigerator is. It just means that the potency level will be lower due to the breaking down of those compounds. The longer it sits, the less potent it becomes, which means that at a certain point, it will be basically useless.

Consumption Methods

Using an expired CBD tincture, edible or some other consumption method will likely give you a stale flavor and aroma due to certain molecules no longer being active. And, it won’t be as potent per dose.

Application Methods

Application methods like topicals will also be far less potent. Further, the consistency of the product may be different due to the breaking down of the other ingredients in the formula.

How to Know if Your CBD is Still Worth Using

So, how can you tell whether or not your CBD is still worth using? Interestingly, some CBD products are still fully effective and stable after the expiration date, likely due to a commitment to storing them properly, as well as a uniquely high quality of hemp extract. Well, the easiest way to know if your CBD is still worth using is to test its effectiveness. Take or apply a dose of your product. If it doesn’t give the same effects that you’re used to, it’s likely no longer potent. You can also smell or taste the product. If you’re not picking up on the aroma or flavor that you are accustomed to, chances are that the chemical composition has already broken down.

How to Prevent Your CBD from Expiring Before the Date has Passed

Sometimes, CBD can expire even before the expiration date because it wasn’t cared for properly. Luckily, following some simple storage guidelines will ensure that your CBD lasts for as long as possible. In fact, in some cases, storing your CBD properly can make it last after the expiration date.

It’s important to know that CBD should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. That’s because light, heat and humidity can all speed up the oxidization process that results in a breakdown of the crucial chemical compounds that make CBD worth taking or using. A closet, cabinet or drawer will work just fine.

Another thing that’s crucial is that your CBD is stored in some type of airtight container to prevent oxygen from entering the formula. In most cases, the original packaging will do just fine, but if the seal is broken for some reason, opt for Tupperware or another airtight option.

Final CBD Expiration Thoughts

As you can see, expired CBD can rapidly lose its potency, but that doesn’t mean that it’s harmful to consume or apply. If your CBD product has passed its expiration date, use the guide above to find out whether or not it’s still worth using.